July 2, 2010

Ick.  Blogging’s been a long road for me, but I’ve officially decided to quit this blog only because I’ve got so many other things to do.  For example, I have to move my personal blog again, from Livejournal, to WordPress.  Instead of just writing about random stuff, I’m probably going to write about stuff that piss me off. (:

The blog is:

Let me know what you think!


Two years ago, I used to be the child with everything. I was the one who was envied by all of kids in my school.  I had the greatest video games and the best of friends.  Sure, the video games usually lost their popularity within two to three months, the friends came, and gone, they were all unforgettable.  So were my parents.

My parents were my best friends.  They often got along so well that we did cheesy things like “Family Game Night,” which annoyed me after I turned ten and considered myself a “pre-teen.”  They were always involved in my school activities, much to my dismay, but I have always loved them.  We had many wonderful memories.

I still treasure the moment when my parents had decided to take me on a vacation to Disneyland. I was ecstatic and as wild as possible.  First, we went on the girly, immature, teacup rides, which I protested.  Then, we went on the more mature rides.  Being eight, I was not tall. I was restricted from several rides and needed parental supervision on many others.  That week, we stayed in a hotel and took silly pictures “advertising” the tiny shampoo and conditioner bottles; my mom took two of each home.  “They are so incredibly cute!” she would say.  My father would laugh and tell her that she was being ridiculous.

I also remembered the time, when I was ten, that my parents chaperoned my “senior prom,” which was really a dance hosted in the school gym.   They danced to 80’s music and embarrassed me in front of everybody and kids made fun of them for a week and annoyed me.  That day, I told them I hated them and that they never should have destroyed my social life.  I felt horrible the next day and apologized.  From then on, we laughed about them bumping into kids and my father falling into the punch bowl after tripping over somebody’s senior t-shirt, which was on the floor.  It was one of those conversation starters during dinner and, on weekends, lunch.

I miss those late nights watching horror films.  Being the “man” that I was after I turned twelve, I began watching rated R films with my father.  He did not approve of it, but by that time, I had grown a mind of my own — he could not stop me from being my own person.  We did not watch anything that my mother would not watch, but we did have some fun times.  My mother would get extremely steamed after the mess that our popcorn fights left and sometimes, we sat in my parents’ room and had pillow fights during commercial breaks.  I was always disappointed when they didn’t explode like the ones in the movies did.


Facebook Has Evolved (Yet Again)

July 1, 2010

We all know that Facebook has gone through many changes throughout its short life.  And yet again, not that I didn’t expect it, it has a new feature.  Whenever you hover over a person’s linked name on your homepage, you should get a hover menu that looks like this:

(To enlarge, drag it to your URL address bar)

This looks a little different because it’s me.  You should see their display picture (which I exported from Y! Avatars), the name, and then Mutual friends under.  That’s really all there is to this … maybe it’s not new.  Who knows?

Addicting Games

June 26, 2010

(I’m not talking about the website.)

There’s always at least one gamer in a crowd of people — maybe more.  I am actually right in the middle, meaning I hardly ever play games.  The games that I do play, however, are usually addicting.  Then again, I only play three so here they are.

The first game that I do play is Neopets.  Surprised?  You probably shouldn’t be.  I have not the slightest idea how it’s addicting.  It may be the pictures or everything in general.  I just like the way that there are a variety of mini games on there.  It’s very childish, but very fun.  I don’t go on every single day — perhaps once or twice a month if I’m busy.  I’ve been playing on various accounts for over 6 years. ;)

The second game that I’ve been playing is on Facebook.  It’s an application called Happy Pets.  On there, you take care of virtual pets (much like Neopets) and you gain levels that enable you more access.   Unfortunately, you may have to pay for all the features. I don’t, but it’s still a great game.

Lastly, there is one very different game called Helicopter.  Here is the original website for it.  In the sixth grade, my technology teacher showed my entire class this game.  Some of us has gone onto Call of Duty, but others, like me, have stayed behind.  Basically, you try to avoid crashing into a block by clicking on your left mouse button.

Have fun!  (:

Awesome Tech Gifts for YOUR Dad!

June 20, 2010

Every year, there’s this little event called “Father’s Day.”  This is a day where children struggle to get their father fancy schmancy presents and the like.  It’s quite obvious that it’s going to be a card this year, next year, and the year after that — until I get some money that is.  So I have created a guide to help you find the budget-friendly present for your father!

If your father is the couch potato, I’d prefer you get him this.  It’s a magic wand programmable television remote.  It’s weird, yet fun.  Especially if your father has an obsession with Harry Potter, like I know some do.

However, if he’s a computer lover, get him a quirky flash drive — if he doesn’t already.  Maybe it could be in the shape of a lego or something else equally awesome.  If he already does have a flash drive, get him one with a larger capacity, if possible that is.

Is he a music lover?  Ipod headphones with Emotible ear bud charms.  It’s both cute and an easy way to distinguish your headphones from his, to avoid confusion.  Ipod ear buds usually cost around $30 and the charms are only $5 or less.

Is he not a technologically advanced person?   You’re out of luck.  This is a technology blog so you best be on your way now. (:

iPad vs. Laptop

June 15, 2010

iPad [noun] — a “tablet” that Apple sells for hundreds of dollars; a giant iTouch.

Laptop [noun] — a portable computer with parts smaller than a desktop

So just last month — though it does seem like forever ago — Apple sold the millionth iPad.  People all around the world are buying this new gadget for just the small price of $300 – $400, a portion of the price of a professional gaming laptop.  So what makes the iPad so great?  Is it the wi-fi capabilities or just the fact that it has a giant touch screen … nearly 10 inches!  (Okay, so I’m not that enthusiastic.)  Then again, it may just be the thousands of applications available on iTunes.  (Want a tuna sandwich?  There’s an app for that.  Want to eat it on the way to Peru?  There’s an app for that too.)  Honestly, I don’t see what’s so great about it.  It’s basically a glamorized iTouch.

For one thing, the iPad wasn’t all it was made out to be.  Originally, everybody thought that there was going to be a way to download all computer software, etc. onto there.  Many of us were disappointed when Apple announced its arrival.  I was mainly disappointed because it was worthless since I couldn’t use any Microsoft Office materials due to the massive amounts of schoolwork I had and are going to receive.  The thing had Pages, however.  Pages works the same as Word, but it’s not like Powerpoint or Excel.

I was also very disappointed that you would have to buy a keyboard dock for it if you didn’t like the touchscreen keyboard, which can easily damage the device.  The dock itself costs around $69.00 at the Apple store.  What about tax in certain areas?  In the end, you would end up spending the money you saved for a brand new laptop and a new pair of sneakers on the iPad and hardware.

Laptops, however, are a better choice — according to me.  I prefer laptops because if you buy a tablet,   you could easily have a touch screen as well as a keyboard; all in one.  If you don’t want a touch screen, the laptop will cost possibly $500 to $2000.  There are also a wide variety to choose from.  There are many options such as what amount of memory, color, price, etc.  Then, there’s the whole discount deal.  During the back to school days, many laptops go on sale for college students and therefore, you can snag better deals then.  Unless you want to wait for Black Friday, that is.

It all depends on your opinion, but I prefer the laptop over the iPad because I dislike touch screens; they aren’t durable enough for me.  Leave a comment and tell me what you think! (Please?)

10 Things to Love Your Computer For

June 14, 2010

Usually, I’d be trash-talking about mine or any other computer or computer-related item out there.  Today, I’m going to take on a positive perspective.  I’m going to tell you how awesome the twenty-first century computers are — not the dinosaurs, though.  Those stink.

  1. It’s awesome multitasking skills. Always be proud that your computer can multitask — mainly because you can’t.  A human brain usually jumps from place to place when you so-called multitask.  So be thankful it’s not a calculator — any more — that can only perform one action at a time.
  2. Shortcuts/Hot keys. When you’re in a rush and your right key on the mouse is stuck, don’t fret.  Just use a shortcut that the manufacturers have put in for you.  Ctrl/Apple + C to copy and Ctrl/Apple + V to paste.  If you want to get more complicated, Ctrl/Apple + X to cut.
  3. Internet access. Because you are reading this, I will assume that you are on the internet.  Otherwise, you have either saved this piece or printed it.  The internet is a place of wonder.  Be glad that you have access to it because otherwise, you’d be stuck at the library, looking up the indexes of a dozen textbooks.
  4. Word processing software. If your handwriting is unidentifiable, no worries!  Let the computer handle it.
  5. Music. Before, you used to clutter your desk with huge amounts of CD’s and such; unless you still do.  Now, you can just download music and upload it onto your iPod or MP3 player.
  6. Movies. Like music, you probably have DVD’s and tapes lurking around your house, but now, you can use different websites to stream movies straight onto your computer to watch.  Some of these sites may be HBOGo and Netflix.
  7. Free texting. The whole free texting and instant messaging thing goes along with the internet, but it’s a separate category anyway.  I hate paying for all my texts and such so, I switched over to AIM and Skype.  I can instant message or text anybody in the world using Skype and in America using AIM.  Everything’s there in the palms of my hand.  (Learn from my mistakes: never hold a laptop with only one hand — you will drop it no matter how many times you swear you won’t.)
  8. Video chatting. I’m one of those people who resemble vampires — I hate real-life contact most of the time.  So what do I do?  I set up a web cam chat.  I may seem unsocial to you, but I’m definitely not.  I just don’t like physical contact.  Sorry.
  9. Blogs. I, personally, enjoy reading blogs.  Not only is it fun to read about opinions and such, but it’s a great learning experience.  I don’t know what others have been through, so I read.  I read personal blogs and blogs about books, technology, toys, and others.  Don’t be surprised if I make an opinionated comment; I mean no harm.
  10. Digital art. The last thing I love about the computer is using it to create and see visual art.  I am horrible with paints, but if you stick me in a room with a computer with nothing but Photoshop, you can’t imagine how much I will learn and do with that one program.  Digital art is a lot of fun. (:

Until I can convince myself to write a little more,
Carmen. (:

Greener Alternatives

June 13, 2010

Apologies to all you nature-enthusiasts, but when I say “greener” I meant with money.  When you spend $200 for a word processing program, you’re not conserving.  There are many alternatives out there so that you can be more conservative.I can’t guarantee that it’s going to be the same thrill or whatever you get when you work with Word or Photoshop, but it’ll be close knowing that you didn’t spend an insane amount on it.

First off, I’d like you to introduce you to my long time friend: Photoshop.  He/She may not cost over $1000 by itself, but if you buy a deluxe version of CS4 itself, it just may cost you more than that.  Photoshop most likely will cost you several hundred.  So if you do not have any experience or want to use it for a long-time hobby or a job, don’t buy it.  Instead, use Photobie or GIMP. They’re about the same, but Photobie and GIMP are free for you to download.  You will most likely be able to find a link to it somewhere on

Now, my other longtime friend here is Microsoft Office.  Say hi!  The program doesn’t cost as much as Photoshop, but there are many alternatives.  One of those alternatives are WordPad — if you own a PC that is.  It should be pre-installed.  Just go to the Start Menu, then accessories and look.  Another alternative would be Microsoft Works.  Microsoft Works is usually pre-installed onto PCs as well.  If you don’t have a PC, I would suggest Pages on a Mac.  Not liking it?  No problem.  Try Open Office or if you don’t want to download anything, open up a Gmail account and use Google Docs.

Love .PDF files?  You’ve got them.  Normally, people would use Adobe Acrobat to create the files, but here’s a better alternative: Nuance: PDF Create! The program only costs about $50 — it’s much better knowing that’s only have or less of the price of Acrobat.

And lastly, there’s the ever-so-famous Dreamweaver.  It has appeared a few times in this blog due to the good and the bad experiences I’ve had with it.  If you’re looking forward to buy it: don’t.  Get Microsoft Expressions, a similar program.  They’re both fairly easy to use.  If you don’t want to spend any money, you should probably try to learn all of it the classic way.

Until next time!

A-dopey Fault

June 11, 2010

Photoshop users.  Flash users.  Illustrator users.  Whatever else users, all the same.  Many of the world’s population owns or uses at least one Adobe product whether it be Flash Player or the program to create from scratch.  Either way, many people love Adobe for their software.  However, recently, I’ve gotten my hands on CS4 — a bit late, huh?  I was somewhat impressed and in many ways, not.

First of all, Dreamweaver wouldn’t download right onto my desktop.    So, I can’t pick a color otherwise I lose all of my unsaved work. I suppose that’s where the phrase REMEMBER TO SAVE YOUR WORK comes from.  I noticed that this first happened about a week into using it.  I built a website for another person and it just crashed on me.  To make matters worse, I had forgotten to save the template that I was 75% done with.  It still happens from time to time — well, not anymore considering my desktop got a virus yesterday and I’ve been to lazy to deal with it.  No Photoshop for me.

Secondly, there’s the whole serial code crisis that annoys me.  When I first entered the serial code onto my laptop, after it was finished downloading, I made a typo and typed in the wrong letter (or number.  I forgot which.) and from then on, it went downhill.  I spent hours a day trying to make it work, erasing random files and reinstalling and uninstalling.  That was an entire weekend wasted because it never worked.  It kept telling me that the product was expired and I had to reinstall a new version.  Well, I uninstalled it and then went back and reinstalled.  Then, I entered the correct serial code.  Unsuccessful.

So, if anybody wants to know how “well” my experiment with Adobe’s products went on my computers, I’m sorry to say: horrible.

10 Ways My Computer Pisses Me Off

June 8, 2010

Okay, so usually you’d read about something that would annoy everybody but today I’m going to try something a bit different.  I’m going to write about the things my computer does to raise my blood pressure. So here goes.

  1. The start-up noise. I have a crappy Dell Inspiron 530s.  Why do I say crappy?  Because every single time I start it up, there is this weird noise coming from the tower — probably because there’s too much dust trapped in the CPU.
  2. Internet Explorer Updates. Every single time I turn on the computer, I get asked to install something or other for Internet Explorer.  Yes, even when I have downloaded it the day before.
  3. Quitting Firefox. This happens a lot for who knows what reason.  It just quits Firefox and I lose all data that isn’t saved.  For instance, if it quit right now, I’ll get really mad because I have yet to save this as a draft.
  4. Javascript updates. I don’t even use Javascript that much.  Yet whenever I log in, it’s there.
  5. HP Updates. I also happen to have an HP G60 laptop.  There’s always some sort of analysis going on.  Really?  Isn’t Windows 7 already updated enough?  Oy, I need a Mac.
  6. The Clutter. Simply put, my desktop gets very messy because of all the homework I do.  This is partly my fault, but also my computer’s fault because it’s not even alphabetized so I can never find anything.
  7. The mouse. My mouse tends to have a mind of its own.  It keeps going to the X button on every program automatically.  I swear; it hates me.
  8. YouTube Lagging. Whenever I log onto Youtube and another tab is open, Youtube freezes until I go back to that tab and hover over it.  I have to do this usually about three times per three minute song.
  9. USB Drives not working. Certain USB drives on my computer just do not work.  Like the ones on the tower.  Whenever I need to plug a flash drive or the tablet in, I have to plug it in via my monitor. (Thank God for HP’s monitors.)
  10. The variety of toolbars. Everything I download happens to need a toolbar for it to work.  There are at least five of them for IE and three or so for Firefox.  Ugh!

So now that you know what annoys me about my computer, what annoys you?

Today I broke my record for the number of days I haven’t died. I plan on breaking it again tomorrow.MLIA

How to Lose Twitter Followers

June 7, 2010

So a while ago, I posted about the annoying things you can do on Facebook.  Now, it’s Twitter.  On Twitter, you can’t use applications, no, however, you can do any of these few things to lose followers!  (Not all of these methods are foolproof.)

  1. Diss Justin Bieber.   For some odd reason, I lost about five followers just because I was joking around about Justin Bieber.  I lost them about two hours after I made that post.
  2. Tweet every two seconds. Nobody cares if you’re “dropping sea bombs” and whatnot.  Keep your #1 and #2 to yourself.  Please.
  3. Retweet everything. We know there is a Retweet feature, but use it only once or twice — we prefer never — per month.  People end up abusing the feature and gets so annoying.
  4. Follow random strangers. Most likely, they won’t follow you back so please don’t follow if you don’t know/want the updates.  You’re just wasting your time.
  5. Reply to everything. When I answer your question, I don’t expect a “KTHXBYE” so don’t do it.
  6. Typ3 lyk dis. Lingo like that gives me and possibly other Twitter-users headaches.  If you can’t spell, look it up. is your best friend!
  7. Tweet about the smallest things. This somewhat goes back to number two.  I really don’t care if you lost at cards or if you put on sunblock before going on at night or if you tripped over a french fry.
  8. Tweet the same status 2 + times. Okay, now we know that you’re retyping it or copy and pasting it because there is no way that Twitter glitches up that badly.   Please refrain from doing that.

There aren’t many annoying things you can do on Twitter, but if you do any of these things, you’re guaranteed to have haters.  With pitchforks.  Outside your door.  Setting fire to your house.